Everything you need to know about vaporizer, vape mod, box mod & e-cigarette

Vape Mods: Everything You Need To Know

A vape mod is a vaping device that comes with a 510 connection between the e-liquid tank and the battery mod.

If you are interested in buying a vape mod, but can’t make heads or tails of the available selection, you have come to the right place.

Here’s all you need to know about vape mods to help you make an informed buying decision.

Coils And Ohms

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When it comes to vaporizers, the atomizer coil is ranked among the most important parts. The most important aspect when it comes to the coil is its resistance rating. The resistance rating of the coil determines the amount of vapor produced during vaping.

Resistance is measured in ohms. Low or sub-ohm coils heat up to high temperatures and therefore produce a higher volume of vapor from the e-liquid used. On the other hand, coils with a higher ohm rating produce a lower amount of vapor but support longer battery life. If vapor production is your main concern, be sure to choose a low ohm coil.

Low ohm coils are suited to vaping enthusiasts who are accustomed to inhaling deeply, while higher ohm coils are suited to vapers who usually puff on their e-cig.

It is important to note that different tanks are designed to work with different coils as far as the resistance rating is concerned. As such, be sure to choose a coil that matches the tank in use.

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Wattage is closely related to the above-described vape mod feature. To support sub ohm vaping (i.e. coils with a resistance rating below 1 ohm) you will need to get a device capable of topping 30 watts at least. If you are planning to use coils rated 0.5 ohms or lower, it’s recommended that you get a device capable of supporting at least 60 watts.


Different e-cig mods use different types of batteries. If you want to find more about this listen to E-cigarettepros. The battery used in a vape mod affects how long you can vape in between charges, as well as the safety of using the device. It is always recommended that you purchase the highest capacity battery you can afford based on your available budget. This ensures that you vape for as long as possible, in between charges. A high capacity battery also makes it possible for you to use low ohm coils for better vapor production when vaping.

Battery safety is also an important aspect to consider when it comes to vape mods. Vape mod kits that use an inbuilt battery tend to be the safest as they come with a number of highly useful safety features. Mods that use removable batteries, on the other hand, require proper handling at all times. In the same breath, only highly experienced vapers should consider using mechanical mods.


Another important aspect to keep in mind when it comes to a box mod is the design. The design of the device you choose plays a huge role in the resulting vaping experience. For instance, the charging port on the device will determine the charging position to be used. If the port is on the side, you can charge it in an upright position. Where the port is at the bottom, you will have to remove the e-liquid tank to keep the contents from leaking when charging.

The fire button should be reasonably far from the cartomizer to ensure that you dot burn your finger while vaping, especially when using sub ohm coils. Additionally, there should be an air inlet vent that allows for the reasonable production of vapor when vaping.

The vape mod market today mirrors the smartphone market; the field of available options is seemingly endless. However, with the above information, vaping enthusiasts can be able to find vape mods that suit their tastes and preferences as far as vaping is concerned.